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Our Team

Michelle Peterson

Jessica Skelton

Jessica Skelton

Assistant Principal

Jessica Skelton has been with Lakota since 2015 and at Creekside since 2019. Her favorite part of the job is working with teachers and families to help students find success at school each and every day. 



Therapy Dog

Bendi starts her day greeting every student at Creekside Early Childhood School. Bendi is a feelings helper and uses her sense of smell to check in to see how her Creekside Cubs are feeling. Bendi can be seen doing morning check-ins with students and greeting them with a high fives as they enter the counseling office. She brings a sense of calm and relaxation to the room as students share their big feelings, practice a figure eight breathing tool on her fur or pet her.  

Bendi loves to take morning walks in the hallways and listen to students learn. She will weave up and down the aisles making sure the students know she is their biggest fan. Bendi is incorporated into our Social Emotional Learning Time ( SEL) and she visits the classrooms to help teach specific skills. She loves when we complete a craft with students. You will often see her helping to take care of the learning space by picking up paper and putting it in the recycling bin.

Bendi’s favorite part of the day is recess. She loves to get kids moving and run around with them. She shows them that exercise helps your body and your mind. Her tail wags a lot at Creekside. She brings joy, a sense of calm, and happiness to everyone in the building. 

Beth Crew

Office Secretary

Beth Crew has been the office secretary at Creekside since 2009 and with Lakota since 2007. Her main responsibilities include student attendance and data as well as all things transportation related. Beth enjoys greeting our Cubs every morning.

Patrick Eilerman


Officer Patrick Eilerman serves as the school resource officer for Creekside ECS and Lakota West Freshman. Officer Patrick has been with the West Chester Police Department since 2017. He works with students in many different capacities and helps teachers reinforce safety reminders. He patrols the building, is instrumental in securing our facility, supports our arrival and dismissal procedures and supports our Liberty students throughout the day.

Pamela Holbrook

Office Manager

Pamela Holbrook has been the Office Manager at Creekside since 2017. Her primary role is to support parents, many of whom have a child in school for the first time, through the daily routines.

Pamela enjoys seeing Cubs light up when they see Bendi, the Creekside service dog. 

Melissa Kraeling

Registered Nurse

Melissa started in the building in 2020 and joined Lakota in 2017. She has been a nurse since 2009 and provides health services by treating injuries, illnesses and managing health issues.

Jennifer Russell


Jen Russell has served the Creekside community since 2006. Jen believes in the “whole child” approach. The family is just as much on the journey as the child. She has extensive training in the fields of group therapy work, trauma-informed care and research-based practices in helping children overcome anxiety and other social emotional challenges. Jen’s certifications include a Licensed School Counselor and a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC).

Jen’s role includes:

  • Helping to handle social or emotional concerns you have about your child.
  • Improving parent-child communication.
  • Family difficulties or concerns that affect your child at school.
  • Referrals for community resources like outside therapy or school based mental health therapy. 
  • Understanding the developmental changes of childhood.

Jen’s favorite part of the job is working alongside parents and students, building relationships and watching families grow.