Report an Absence

Attendance Line: 874-0175, Option 3

Please provide detailed information regarding the symptoms of your child's illness.

Attendance Procedures

  • On or before the day of the absence, a parent/guardian should call the school before 9:00 am. Press #3 for the attendance line. This number is available 24 hours a day to accommodate those parents who would like to call the evening before the absence. Emails may be sent to [email protected]
  • If the school has been notified of an absence, it is not necessary to present a note to the office. If a parent/guardian has not notified the school of an absence, the student must present, upon their return, a note stating: Date(s) of the absence, Reason for the absence, Signature of parent/guardian and Telephone number.
  • Phone calls will be made to parents when unexcused absences become excessive.
  • After ten (10) absences, a letter may be sent home to document and inform the parents/guardians regarding the number of absences.
  • After twelve (12) absences, the school will require medical documentation from a physician to excuse further absences.
  • A student who arrives to school after the start of the student day must report to the office for an admission slip.
  • The Butler County Attendance Officer will work directly with the schools in implementing the attendance policies of the district.


  • Any missed portion of the school day up to 4 and a half hours is considered a tardy. Any missed time above 4 and a half hours is considered a full day absent.